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Let’s be clear that “plants” are both organic things that grow (i.e. farming)
and mechanical things that get engineered and built (i.e. extraction labs)

We advise on both.


Feasibility Analysis




International collaborative of professionals with a high level of training and decades of experience in farming and processing for global outreach and stakeholder support.

International Advisory Group, specializing in supporting companies that desire to compete in the international market through feasibility studies, B2B technical and business modeling, and increasing access to the Global Market.

International Advisory Team, specializing in mitigation of risk and problem – solving strategies, which create sustainable business solutions. 

International Advisory Group committed to the sustainability of our planet and creating a viable farming and processing model that is designed to reinvest in the community, while protecting the environmental benefits.


Our company is focused on the farming development process in the hemp industry. 

We are focused on creating a sustainable program that will benefit the global community, while helping to reduce the complexities and take advantage of the benefits of the hemp industry.

Our focus is not only on promoting the crop’s versatility, but the significant benefits the plant can produce to the world, from food sources, medical use, industrial applications, and the environmental benefits to the planet. 

Our program is focused on the development of new and emerging strains that will not only withstand harsh environments, but produce at higher levels, while expanding the durability of the various plant parts.

We are focused on encouraging a strong entrepreneurial environment, that engages the grower and inventor to embrace creative alternatives to growing, harvesting, and processing hemp for the world.


Working as a team to create collegial and well-defined communication channels among the farmers, processors, buyers, and consumers. 

Our Company provides a wide-range of highly experienced advisors, internal resources, and understanding of the hemp industry, to provide the highest level of growing and processing potential for the future.

We are constantly exploring future emerging technical and mechanical inventions and system advancements to improve Hemp growing, processing, and distribution to the world.

Working with industry professionals to determine new and emerging use of the entire Hemp Plant, while exploring additional product development for use by the world population.    


Industry Specific Program Advisors

Introducing Opportunities for Cutting-Edge Technology

International Network of Advisors

Environmental Safety Concern

Concentration of providing for the World 

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